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I can’t wait to hear from you. Whether you’re ready to book a family session or intimate wedding, or want a little more information before we go for it, I’m so excited to chat about how I can help you document the best memories with your loved ones.

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Most importantly, I want you to know there are no rules. I want YOU to feel comfortable and your family to have fun… Bonus that we’ll get some gorgeous images out of it! Family sessions generally run 60-90 minutes, and I usually like to start with the more “formal” shots up front where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. This helps people to relax and loosen up a bit before getting to the more fun, emotional, and candid shots. We’ll adventure around a bit to get different backdrops, variety, and movement in the images. I’ll ask the kids to play and be silly and just generally be themselves. After the shoot, I’ll send 50+ fully edited images your way in a digital gallery within 3-6 weeks! You have the rights to the photos and can print them wherever you desire.

What can I expect at our family session?

Friend! First off, YES. Second, don’t even worry—pretty much no one feels totally comfortable with a camera in their face (except for, like, Gigi Hadid). I genuinely LOVE getting to know the families I work with and getting comfortable with everyone before I ever start snapping away on my camera. I’ll make sure everyone feels relaxed, plus I’ll totally coach and guide you all through everything, from what to do with your face to how to “pose” your body. (I say “pose” loosely because it’s really more playing and naturally interacting with each other—and I’m there with a camera to guide you and capture it all!)

I’m totally awkward in front of the camera… Can you help?

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Oh, sister, I hear you. For your partner, I suggest sitting down and having an honest conversation about how much these photos mean to you. And between me and you, most hubbies end up having a blast at our sessions. I make it fun for everyone, promise! For kiddos, try not to make it a stressful thing. Let them know the day of that you’re going to be taking some photos together, and that it’s going to be so much fun. Kids are into most things if they know it’s exciting and playful!

What if my kids/hubby are less than enthused about family photos?

My very favorite question. :) I LOVE family style… but I know that’s not the case for everyone! To make it easy on you, here’s a blog post I wrote on the subject. In short, keep it simple: not too many loud or conflicting colors or patterns. No giant logos or brand marks. Pick out your outfit first, something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. And don’t overthink it. There’s nothing cuter than a baby in a onesie or kiddos with bare feet! Simple is often best!

How should I dress my family for our session?

Yay! Your work is done, friend! You can sit back and relax while I go through the images and pick out the very best to clean up and work my magic. I’ll send them your way in a downloadable gallery via email within 3-6 weeks for family photos and 4-8 weeks for elopement photos.

What happens after our session?

I get asked this a lot, and it’s truly a collaborative effort! If you want to do them in your home, I love the cozy casualness of that. If you’d rather go outside or hit up your favorite local park or lake, I’m game for that, too! If you have a certain place in mind, I can almost always make it work, but other times clients just prefer that I choose, which I’m fine with, too. We will chat and make a decision so that you feel comfortable and beautiful no matter where we shoot! Side note, any locations more than 45 minutes from Roseville, CA, will incur a travel fee.

How do we choose the location?

Yes! I do have 5 little ones, but if I can work it out with my schedule, I absolutely love traveling for shoots. I just ask that you pay for airfare and lodging to make it work!

Do you travel?

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